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Startup Marketing Partnership Program

In ARDOXSO Startup Marketing Partnership Program, we will become your marketing partner and your marketing co-founder instead of those natural person co-founder who have newly graduated and, worst of all, is a layman. We are the bridge between Startups and investors.

ARDOXSO Startup Marketing Partnership Program is the ablest solution to end the repetitive and endless struggles of startups. Our company is a family company, and each of our key people has a veracious record in marketing, investment, management, law, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The success of any startup depends on many factors, such as having a unique idea, a practical product, having enough technical knowledge, teamwork, and effective leadership. However, the fact is: although these are important, the weight of marketing and financing alone is equal to all of these. Join ARDOXSO for Startup Partnership Program today. We will build you a brand, and then we will find you the most appropriate investors in our Startup Investor Matchmaking Program.


ARDOXSO GmbH Original Color LogoEveryone Deserves a Chance! The way you think, what you do, your expertise, and your goals are more important than your religion, race, gender, and everything else. We care who you are and not What you are! This is our Mission!

Get To Know Us

ARDOXSO GmbH is a German family-owned firm in the field of investment and marketing who it’s key people have a brilliant and long history of achievement. Increasing the chances of success and reducing the failure rate of startups is what we do at ARDOXSO GmbH.

Startup Investor Matchmaking Program

The offers that investors receive from startups are not one or two. Every time you receive an offer, you should ask yourself what the future of that startup is, how much risk there is, and how much I get or lose from this investment. In fact, you spend most of your time reviewing offers and measuring risks.

However, we have a solution!

Why choose us

There is a lot beyond our capabilities!

A Family Business

We are a family business. Family businesses are more reliable than other types of businesses, just for one reason: the family is more important than any other business.

Unique Experience

Each of us alone has about 20 years of continuous work experience in his specialized fields.

We Are Recommended

We have been recommended by prominent figures of the industries in which we are active as well as our university professors.


ARDOXSO is the chance you were waiting for. Let's change the game!

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