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Seth Godin's lifestyle

The Guru: Seth Godin’s Lifestyle

Lifestyle is back to explore the development path of another individual worthy of your attention. We have chosen to discuss Seth Godin’s lifestyle today. Seth Godin is a former executive, but he is best known for his books, seminars, and teaching. He can be considered a pioneer thinker in the world of marketing an business. […]


Interview with Al Ries on Startups Marketing

Al Ries is one of the main theoreticians of  “Brand Positioning”. His Books has been sold more than 3 million copies all over the world and Since 1950 he has consulted many Brands, which were just some unknown names in those times. The interview with Al Ries was an amazing experience, We had the chance […]

Interview with Al Ries

How To Be An Inspiring Leader?

Inspired employees go beyond the expected efficiency levels and utilize their inner creativity to participate in the united cooperation of business. It is up to an inspiring leader to mentor employees and create cultural grounds…

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