What Start-ups should know

It's easy to work with startups. If we believe that your startup has a brilliant future, we will become your partner as a marketing cofounder.

If a startup is owned by a company, the majority of processes will go ahead faster, and if a person or natural person owns a startup, ARDOXSO and the startup should first register a company in one of the EU countries. (Or one of the countries covered by ARDOXSO GLOBAL)
What will be important to us and to you are:
- What will be the responsibilities of ARDOXSO?
- How many shares are given to ARDOXSO
- Under what conditions the partners (you and ARDOXSO) can separate from each other
- Will ARDOXSO have a chair in the board of directors and what will its authorities be?

What startups will we give a green light to?

Each year Millions of Start-Ups opening each year. "A good product idea and a strong technical team are not a guarantee of a sustainable business." (Parisot- 2014)
There is a need for their product
The startup founders have significant scientific and professional backgrounds
The founders have at least one failed startup
The founders are leading or experienced people in their suggested field
The ownership of the startup is upon a legal person.
Startup founders but have scientific knowledge and understanding of the market if they are not graduates of economics or management
Products of the startups and its key people do not promote sexism, racism, homophobia, religious and racist thoughts, and in are not active in industries such as arm and porno.
This is where we can help startups as an expert team of professional marketers, investment advisers, business developers, and lawyers. But how can a startup afford the costs of such ceremonial issues that are absolutely necessary?
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If ARDOXSO GmbH introduces a startup, it means, based on logical reasoning and experience, that startup can have a bright future. Since our company manages marketing you can be sure that an expert team does the main work.
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There are many companies that, unlike their long history of presence at the market and enjoying all potentials, have never been able to achieve a good rank. We'll Make It Right. Give It The Last Chance!
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What Investors should know

Our suggestion is that we and you should sign an initial agreement that will bind the parties to a limited number of duties and begin our cooperation as a potential strategic partner.
Under this agreement, ARDOXSO is required to introduce startups, which they consider to be more likely to succeed than others, to the investor and the investor is committed to prioritize considering ARDOXSO's suggestion(s).
During the time you are considering ARDOXSO's suggestion(s), you can seek the advice and assistance of legal advisors, business lawyers, business development consultants and marketing consultants at ARDOXSO.
If the investor concludes that the proposed startup can be the optimal choice for investment, we will meet you as a potential investor at pitch and afterwards to discuss the amount of initial capital requested by the startup and the number of shares you want and the responsibilities of the parties.

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