Wise to resolve, and patient to perform.

Increasing the chances of Success & Reducing the Failure

The rationale we follow in ARDOXSO is simple: “When you win, we win” and our plans are based on the same rationale. “Whenever you benefit, we will also benefit.”

The number of businesses born every year is staggering, but the number of businesses that perish every year is horrible. What we do is to increase the chances of success for young businesses and reduce their failure rate. In addition, in collaboration with investors, we introduce them startups that we are sure they have a high chance of success.

On the other hand, there are companies that, despite being able to achieve a decent position in the market, are currently suffering for certain reasons. Reviving those businesses is our job. What we propose to startups and low-income businesses is to start a two-way partnership in order to seize the marketing and business development, as well as find the right investors for a rational percentage of the partnership.

Don't Go Alone To This Battle!

100 Million Start-Ups opening each year. "A good product idea and a strong technical team are not a guarantee of a sustainable business." (Parisot- 2014)
90 %
42 %
56 %
of them can make it to the fifth year
75 %
of all those startups won't make it to the sixth year!
Sources: Statista Inc., Forbes, Medium.com
This is where we can help startups as an expert team of professional marketers, investment advisers, business developers, and lawyers. But how can a startup afford the costs of such ceremonial issues that are absolutely necessary?
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If ARDOXSO GmbH introduces a startup, it means, based on logical reasoning and experience, that startup can have a bright future. Since our company manages marketing you can be sure that an expert team does the main work.
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There are many companies that, unlike their long history of presence at the market and enjoying all potentials, have never been able to achieve a good rank. We'll Make It Right. Give It The Last Chance!
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"Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it." Lao Tzu
Investing in Start-ups is not just what we do!

Part of ARDOXSO's tasks is to increase the knowledge of its target community. Our colleagues will continue to prepare and publish articles and podcasts in the field of business education and marketing, entrepreneurship, and startups. Training seminars will be part of what we are doing.

Articles & Insights
This weekly magazine publishes 250 articles in the field of startups each year.
Podcast Shows
Our educational podcasts, which often include interviews with market experts, are published on a weekly basis.
Public Events & Speeches
ARDOXSO frequently invites market experts to lecture at conferences and training sessions.

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