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Awesome Shows by ARDOXSO

Start-ups & Doubts
This is our first podcast show hosted by Alexander Henke. Alexander, who is in his early fifties, has never worked for his own and has now decided to launch his first startup. Therefore, he talks with leading specialists in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship, management, law, and the web to pave the way for himself and his startup. Season 1 of Start-ups and Doubts will be released for free on in mid 2020.
To the Max (На максимум) is an entrepreneurship talk show. Maxim Trepov, a young man from Russia, is slightly over thirty. He is living the same life as thousands of other Russians. It is all about financial challenges and fear of the future. Maxim believes poverty is like a disease, and it is passing from generation to generation. Hence, he is interviewing successful Russian entrepreneurs and business experts to learn a possible way to break out of routine and find a cure for this disease. Can he break out?
All Done
All Done (همه چی ‌دان) is a comedy talk show hosted by Armin and Sepehr, aka Professor. They talk about general business-related topics such as the video game industry, Cinema, and Tourism.

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