learn about million-dollar experiences for free
Startup Séance is where the audience learns about million-dollar experiences, either low-cost or no-cost. ARDOXSO invites you to the workplace of one of the startups to listen to what you do not hear anywhere else from startup founders.

Friendly gatherings

At each gathering, a highly skilled expert in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, management, law, investment, and sales will deliver a lecture. Then, the founder of the startup that hosts the gathering of that day talks about the experiences that led to his temporary failure in certain stages, and then you can answer the questions that are still in your mind in the Q&A panel.
In the end, you can tell your startup idea(s) and get the opinion of experts and other people in the gathering about your idea(s).

You won’t miss a thing- We go live, every time

You live in Cairo but this month's gathering is in Paris. Do not worry, because we do not let the distance restrict you. We will stream all events alive through our social networks in high qualities.
Participate in Live Streams
Our live streams are not just for viewing. You will also be given all the opportunities that are given to the audience. You can ask your questions or even share your ideas with others to ask for their comments.

Do you want to host one of our upcoming events?

This would be the cheapest and the most effective PR for your startup


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