Meet Our Founding Partners

ARDOXSO GmbH is a German family-owned business in the field of investment and marketing, which was launched in May 2019. Although ARDOXSO is a very young firm, each one of our founding partners holds a brilliant and long history in Marketing, Investment, and Management.
Toomaj F. Bungs

Toomaj F. Bungs

Chairman & CMO
Toomaj is a marketing consultant, scholar and entrepreneur who has been encouraged by many other experts & academics in four continents.
Walter Bungs

Walter Bungs

Walter is a well-Known Real Estate professional in Germany and an entrepreneur who has a profound experience in investment in different industries.
Constanze Bungs

Constanze Bungs

COO & Prokuristin
Constanze is a Healthcare economist and consultant with a long run experience in the healthcare industry. She holds an in-depth knowledge of her filed and management.

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ARDOXSO is a German family-owned firm in the field of investment and marketing. Increasing the chances of success and reducing the failure rate of startups is what we do at ARDOXSO GmbH.

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