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The Startup Situation is a specialized weekly on startups, marketing, and investment, which currently has 5 members at its editorial board and publishes about 250 articles annually on ARDOXSO blog. This weekly is scheduled to be launched independently on startupsituation.com in late 2020, publishing more than 1,000 posts annually.

Meet Saeed Choobani, Our Editor-in-Chief

Saeed is a Data Analyst who is interested in following marketing insights of the startups. His focus is on gathering the best marketing resources for the startups in our blog.
Saeed speaks four languages, and like other people of ARDOXSO, he has lived in more than one country and is therefore familiar with different cultures. He studied IT in the past and he is currently completing his studies on Data Science and Business Informatics.
If you want to post your articles in order to be published in our weekly blog or if you want to be in touch with him, you can find Saeed on Linkedin or send him an email.

We want this to be more than just a blog

Each month, 25 educational articles are published in the fields of startup marketing, investment, pitch and other areas related to startups.
Every month we interview an active and well-known person in the realm of marketing, investment, entrepreneurship as well as startup founders.
Experts in fields such as marketing, online marketing, entrepreneurship, and investment can post their articles in the Startup Situation as guest authors.

That is how it goes at the moment

Articles and Post Annually
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Staff Writers
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