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Toomaj F. Bungs ARDOXSO
Toomaj F. Bungs, CMO

ARDOXSO does both Growth Hacking and Marketing; however, we have a different definition of Growth Hacking. We call it tactical marketing! And tactical marketing is far more than some blog posts. There is no doubt that content marketing and social media marketing are helpful but not as much as you might think.

What is Growth Hacking?

There are many definitions of Growth Hacking. However, it is generally believed that Growth Hacking is a method that uses rapid experimentation across various channels to grow a business. The methods used by a Growth Hacker are a combination of SEO, viral marketing, e-mail marketing, and social media marketing.

But how true is this definition?
Marketing consists of two parts: Strategic marketing and tactical marketing.

Strategic marketing sets a goal and carefully defines its tactics to achieve that goal. A strong strategic plan is formed from effective tactics. What you know as Growth Hacking is what marketers call tactical marketing. Interestingly, even before the term Growth Hacking was coined, a group of people used terms such as guerrilla marketing for tactical marketing. It does not matter how many times we change the name of a thing; its definitions and functions will not change!

Are Growth Hackers marketers with coding skills?
Those who claim to be Growth Hackers want you to believe that if a marketer specializes in coding, he is a Growth Hacker. But have you ever wondered how many people can learn both coding at a professional level and be a marketing expert at the same time? Or are you looking for a jack of all trades, master of none because a group of people have coined the term Growth Hacking?

Not only does ARDOXSO provide marketing services, but it also offers both coding teams at the highest level at the same time. For us, marketing is separate from coding, and only an amateur coder can claim to be an expert in marketing at the same time. Equally, we believe that only a non-professional marketer can claim to be a coder at the same time. In any case, both groups are considered inefficient for us.

Growth Hackers vs. Marketers

We recognize these so-called “Growth Hackers” as inexperienced marketers! These are people who have no real market or marketing experience. They do not know what they are doing. Since they do not know what works and what does not work in marketing, all their activities are based on rapid experimentation. But how much money does a startup have to look at its most important business, marketing, as an experiment?

The last thing a Growth Hacker can do is publish unsolicited and unplanned posts on social networks. But have you ever wondered why a potential customer who does not know you should pay attention to your posts at all? Some people have been able to come up with new and worthless definitions of marketing with my word Growth Hacker, but the customer definition will never change.

Growth Hackers
Know Email Marketing
Know SEO
Know Social Media Marketing
Know Coding
Available & Cheap
True Marketers
Know The Market
Have In-Depth Understanding of Customers Behavior
Know Branding
Know Strategic & Tactical Marketing
Expensive & Not Affordable

Try To Answer these 4 critical questions:

  1. Why should a customer buy your product?
  2. How does Growth Hacker want to increase your market share?
  3. How can Growth Hacker turn you into a brand?
  4. How can Growth Hacker increase your brand’s share of mind?

By posting on Instagram? If a startup is different from a well-established business, in that case, the conclusions of the two actions must also be different. There are very few people who do not know Nike. If Nike posts for a new product on its Instagram, it will be too different from that of a startup that no one has heard.

In other words, every post that a brand like Nike publishes brings in revenue and profit, but you are wasting time and wasting the same limited budget you have!

Growth Hacker or what we call unskilled marketers do not know Branding!

A Growth Hacker may be able to name your product here and there to some extent, but just because some people know you, no one will mention you as a brand. A brand is more than just a name. The brand has a deeper meaning than the fact that some have seen your startup logo.
What do you think about those who drive Mercedes?
What do you think about those who use Apple products?
What do you think about those who wear Rolex?
What do you think about Donald Trump’s fans?
What do you think about Barack Obama’s fans?

No matter what you think about the consumers of a product or the fans of a person, the first image that comes to mind is the brand of Mercedes, Apple, Rolex, Trump, and Obama. This is called brand perception. What brand perception the majority has of something, is the brand position. Whether you choose Apple over Samsung or not is a share of mind of the brand. How much a brand’s share of mind is in the public influences the increase or decrease of product’s share of the market.

Can a coder who calls himself a Growth Hacker do all of these?

Why Should I Go With ARDOXSO?

When should a startup start marketing?

Many people mistakenly think that their promotion is the only marketing task. In contrast, marketing must start before the product is produced. Only then would a startup know if there is a need for its product in the market at all.

Nearly 50% of startups fail just because the market does not need their products. However, there are still people looking for a Growth Hacker to introduce products to the market for which there is no demand!

Form ARDOXSO’s perspective, what is the main difference between a Growth Hacker and a marketer?

Growth Hackers are inexperienced marketers who are eager to gain experience through your startup, budget, and time. Whether or not your startup fails, they will benefit from the time they spent with you to add to their resume to get hired by a reputable company more easily.

What we do at ARDOXSO is simple. We accelerate startup growth with marketing. Startups that try to raise capital before marketing also have a low business valuation. But with the help of marketing, we will significantly increase a startup’s business valuation.

Why do startups need Growth Hacking?

The reason why a startup needs Growth Hacker is simple: because before ARDOXSO, they were not given a better chance!

You are a technical expert. You do not know anything special about the market, and no one expects you to be both an expert in your field and a master in marketing. So if someone roughly understands something in your field and claims to know marketing, it will catch your eye.

On the other hand, you do not yet have a marketing budget. If you have, you either have to spend that budget on marketing or pay a professional marketing strategist. That’s why so many startups are so obsessed with Growth Hackers.

The good news is that if you join the ARDOXSO Startup Marketing Partnership, a different fate awaits you. Not only ARDOXSO pays the initial marketing costs; it leaves all the marketing affairs of your startup to a specialized team. We do all this in exchange for a fair amount of equity.

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