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Why ARDOXSO Should Be By Your Side

ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program (ASPP) LogoIs your startup end product ready, or are you still in the development stage? Do you know who the customer of this product is? Why do those customers have to pay for your product at all? What about consumer prices? Have you already written your business model? How do you want to introduce your product to others? How do you pay for publicity and promotion of the product? Are you pursuing a specific marketing strategy? Do you have an expert marketing team at all? Can you afford to brand your product? You need a great Marketing Co-founder to answer these questions!

We assume you have the answers to all these critical questions. Yet, how do you make sure your answers are correct? If you have the right answers, your chance of success increases. If your answers are wrong or you do not have a convincing answer, you are already heading to failure!

Entrusting marketing to an expert team is costly. Few early-stage startups can afford the cost of market research and market analysis. Branding and brand positioning is a luxury that can be afforded only by companies that have achieved profitability. Even setting up a simple website is costly.

ARDOXSO, however, offers a simple solution: planning, launching, and directing your startup marketing with us, producing and developing the product with you. This is how you and we become partners. You are the founder, and we’ll be your marketing co-founder. If you want to know what we offer to startups and what we ask in exchange, click here!

Don't Go Alone To This Battle!

Millions of Start-Ups opening each year. "A good product idea and a strong technical team are not a guarantee of a sustainable business." (Parisot- 2014)
90 %
42 %
56 %
of them can make it to the fifth year
75 %
of all those startups won't make it to the sixth year!
Sources: Statista Inc., Forbes, Medium.com

Why Finding a Startup Investor Without ARDOXSO is Hard

ARDOXSO The Superior Choice

There is no halfway for us. We are all in; You go all-out!

Why is ARDOXSO relatively superior and better than an individual marketing co-founder?

  1. Convincing someone like ARDOXSO’s CMO to work for a startup, especially on early-stage startups, is almost an unsaleable idea.
  2. Even if you can convince a skillful and experienced specialist, you will not be able to meet his salary and demands.
  3. Eventually, you will have to partner with a new graduate who has no specific market and marketing experience.
  4. This novice, thanks to your startup, works through trial and error learns some elementary lessons, but you’ll have no progress.
  5. A beginner does not know anyone, nor does he have a strong network. All his connections are limited to individuals like himself.
  6. ARDOXSO as the Marketing Co-Founder will provide you with a team instead, a team that can train a new skilled team and leaders.
  7. Each of our experts has strong connections with their extensive network. They play with their peers.
  8. Our experts know very well what works and what does not work in marketing due to their experience. This means a significant increase in the chances of winning, so there will be a substantial reduction in costs.
  9. A skillful and recommended marketing strategist who has a strong network will definitely have a better ability to convince investors.
  10. A novice may be discouraged at any moment and leave you. Still, we have not invested just in a new startup, so that we would be discouraged!
  11. Not only are we always available, but we also provide access to our lawyers and consultants.
  12. A layman has no capital, but we do!
  13. A layman does not have the power of risk. Not only do we have the necessary support to take risks, but we also know when to take risks.
  14. A novice marketing co-founder does not bring value, but ARDOXSO can increase your startup business valuation.
  15. A novice cannot mentor anyone because he himself needs a mentor. At no charge, we can provide our mentors with counseling in the areas of business law, marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation, management and leadership, investment, and teamwork.
  16. A person is not an enterprise. He needs a place to work, a computer to sit at, and a monthly salary. The presence of a person is costly. Such a person should be insured, but ARDOXSO is an enterprise.
  17. A person as a marketing Co-Founder is unlikely to be able to afford the initial marketing costs, so has to wait until someone is willing to invest and provide the necessary budget.
  18. ARDOXSO as your Marketing Co-Founder, however, provides the initial costs to start and carry out marketing.
  19. A person as a co-founder can start marketing only when there is a budget
  20. but we start marketing the day we enter. This is one of the biggest positives for a startup pitch to the investor.
  21. In the same way, we go with numbers – what investors want. A person as a marketing Co-Founder with only the ideas he has in mind.

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