In this video Simon will be talking about how ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program Works. (3 Minutes)
What ARDOXSO offers and What Asks in Exchange

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Marketing is essential for any startup that wants to be successful. A business without marketing would be nothing. However, entrusting marketing to an expert team is costly. For a startup, that would be not affordable. Therefore, you end up with some newly graduated and, worst of all, laymen as marketing co-founder of your startup.

ARDOXSO, however, is the easiest solution for startups to end the repetitive struggles of startups in marketing. Instead of asking some unskilled co-founders, join ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program, and we will take care of marketing. 

What’s the catch?

What ARDOXSO Offers to Startups and what wants in Exchange is simple. We provide what ever your startup needs in the field of marketing in exchange for equity. This is how you and we become partners!

We can give you at least 21 good reasons why you should take our offer today. If you want to know more, click here!

What does ARDOXSO cover in the field of marketing?

Almost everything! ARDOXSO even has a professional product photography and corporate photography team. It will take a long time to tell you what we can do for you. For this reason, we will mention only the most important ones here:

Market research
Market analysis
Competitor analysis*
Risk analysis*
Advertising Strategy
Advertising campaign planning
Sales campaign planning
Product Marketing
Corporate and product naming
Brand Development
Brand Positioning
Online Branding
Online marketing strategy
Web Development
Marketing Plan
* not required for startups in the early stages

Why Should I Go With ARDOXSO?

Getting you funded easier 

All this aside, when the marketing preparations are made, the product reaches a level where it could be offered, and we can reach the minimum sales figures. The startup pitch to investors and VCs will begin. That means What ARDOXSO Offers to Startups is not limited to marketing.

ARDOXSO connects with angle investors and investment companies in another program called Startup Investor Matchmaking. Each of these investors operates in a specific field and we are aware of their ability, interest and expertise. At this stage, you and I are preparing our startup pitch for these investors.

If a technical question is asked, you will answer, and if a question is asked about the market and the marketing plan, which the focus of the negotiation will definitely be based on this, we will convince them. Remember, your teammate is not a market novice or a marketing graduate. Investors will ask serious questions that they expect to be answered carefully, and we are ready to answer those questions thoroughly.

Soon it will be too late if you are not ready

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