Startup Investor Matchmaking Program

Don't go into a wrong collaboration with a wrong startup

Whether you are an angel investor or an investment firm, ARDOXSO Startup Investor Matchmaking Program (ASIMP) is the best solution for startup investors not to lose their money. It is the best way to make rational decisions because another firm that was founded by well-experienced professionals in marketing, investment management, and management will do the research for you.

Fortunately, we have a Common Language that has been broadened Our Horizons since the very beginning. That is “Profit!”

Besides, having a common language, we both should deal with the same risks. The ARDOXSO business model is such that it makes money by investing in Early-Stage Startups, so it’s only necessary to work with startups that legally and from the perspective of the team and more importantly in terms of products are worthy of attention. If that startup succeeds, we will also benefit from the shares that we have from them.

We Are The Best Option To Reduce Your Investment Risk

Here is why: The founders of ARDOXSO GmbH and our key people are all among the experience ones of entrepreneurship, marketing, investment and management. Not only are all of us familiar with a number of different languages and cultures, but we also have experience of working in other countries of the world. In a specific phrase: We know what we want. We know how to do it, and more importantly, we know what we do!

So if ARDOXSO GmbH introduces a startup, it means, based on logical reasoning and experience, that startup can have a bright future, and since our company manages the marketing from zero to one hundred, you can be sure that an expert team does the main work.

Although courage and risk-taking are the common traits among all of our company’s people, we do not practice trial and error like stubborn people!

Investing in startups is high-risk. You know this better than us. One of the hugest risks is that founders usually spend your money on things that are not necessarily needed. Join ARDOXSO Startup Investor Matchmaking Program and ARDOXSO as a guardian of your money will help you to find and invest on the right startup.

Stop gambling with Risks!

"Never lose money. Stay rational and stick to your homework when researching businesses in which to invest". Warren Buffett

Many startups want their reputation to be cool, but you want your reputation to be wise and successful. If we are at one end of the startup, it means that your money is not just about spent on the company decoration, table football and mini-bar; we won’t waste it on mass marketing. In a sentence, it should be said one thing we know very well is how to plan for a budget.

So, not only do we have enough reason behind the amount we offer before we come to you, we know very well what to do with that budget.

You and we know well that reputation is more important than anything because each person’s background tells who he is and what his abilities are. Why don’t you contact us today to take the first step in getting to know each other? Our education, work history, skills, and what others, especially those who are well-known, say about us will inevitably affect you.

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