In this video Simon will be talking about some useful tips that help you write an outstanding pitch to apply for the ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program. (2 Minutes)
Useful Tips Before Applying For The ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program

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Although we like to welcome all the requests for cooperation that we receive, such a thing is not possible in practice. Therefore, we try to do our best to help those startups that seem more talented than others by carefully reviewing all the offers we receive.

Of course, those startups that have already prepared their pitch will have a better chance of convincing us. Here are some tips to help you prepare a better pitch and send it to decision-makers at ARDOXSO. We hope to see you soon in our Startup Partnership Program (ASPP).

Here are some useful tips how to apply for the ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program: Each time a request for cooperation is sent to us, that request is first reviewed by one of our experts and, if it is suitable, it is sent to the decision-making board. The board consists of five experts in marketing, entrepreneurship, and creativity, investment, management, and sales. There, your startup is ranked according to intended priorities and standards, and if the decision-making board finds that ARDOXSO has the ability to collaborate and support your startup, we will invite you for a face-to-face meeting.

Write your pitch honestly and in a simple language. Note that too much explanation will only reduce the chances of your suggestion to be considered. Don’t worry, because if you are invited to a face-to-face meeting, you will have ample opportunity to present your description and startup description. Startups and startup co-founders are equally important to us.

About ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program (ASPP)

Pitch Yourself

Tell us who you are, not only what your startup is about

If you are ready to apply for the ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program make sure you’ve already considered these 13 critical tips. To have a successful pitch of yourself and your colleagues at the same time. Here are 13 tips to help you write a compelling pitch:

1- Who are the startup founders and startup co-founders?

The biggest common mistake in pitching among startups is that they just explain the technical issues to potential investors and partners. But who you are is far more important than what your startup is.


2- Give us an overview of your product and startup

It is important for us to know the capabilities of your startup. What matters is what your startup does. Explain to us carefully and patiently the following critical points: What is your product exactly? What are similar products? Which startup, product, or other brand do you intend to compete with? Who can be your customers? What problem does your product solve in the market and for the customers? How much does the production cost, and what are the monthly expenses, selling price, and sales amount like?


3- Don’t force us to look words up in a dictionary repeatedly to understand your plan!

Avoid using very technical jargons and unnecessary words. Indeed, many words are probably used in your daily life, but they may be utterly intangible to us. If you have to use technical jargons, we will appreciate it if you provide a brief explanation for them.


4- Don’t forget insights and numbers

Proposals in which verifiable references and figures are cited are always more appreciated. These numbers are not just to predict your future; however, the figures, as well as the number of customers at the moment, as well as previous sales reports, must be indicated in your proposal.


5- Contrary to what motivational books say, educational records are important!

Your academic background has a significant impact on our decision-making board. The board is made up of people with academic backgrounds as well as professional backgrounds, so it is clear that professionals with academic backgrounds will be less likely to make errors. Apart from that, your academic background can, in turn, reflect the depth of your understanding of the field in which you work.


6- Send us the addresses of your social networks and those of your colleagues

Although we’ll be happy to meet you on networks like Instagram, don’t forget to include the LinkedIn address of the founders, co-founders, and key people in your startup.


7- Tell us about your failures

If you are invited to a face-to-face meeting, you will have ample opportunity to talk about your successes, but for now, we expect you to temporarily point out your past failures, your past experiences, the losses you have suffered, and your failures. Tell us about the potential benefits you can get.


8- Others’ recommendation letters are important to us

What others say about you is very important. Please don’t forget to send us those recommendation letters. Let the decision-making board gain a better understanding of you, your abilities, and your experiences.


9- Tell us about your other capabilities

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary advice that will catch the attention of the decision-making board. Tell us about your other capabilities. For example, tell us if you have special skills in music or sports.


10- Non-academic records

It is essential to let our colleagues know if you have taken courses such as business, law, marketing, and so on. What you know is just as important as what you can do.


11- Business plan and marketing plan

You don’t need to send us a business plan or a marketing plan right now, but please point out whether or not there are a business plan and marketing plan.


12- What is your suggestion?

The ARDOXSO for Startup Partnership Program is not the Shark Tank TV show. Please refrain from submitting an offer at the beginning of your pitch. Once you’re sure you’ve got the right pitch, you don’t need to say anything else right now. Avoid words such as “negotiable,” “approximate,” “probable,” and so on, and write clearly what percentage of your startup’s overall equity you want to transfer to ARDOXSO in exchange for its services and investment. Make a detailed list of your expectations and include them in your pitch.


13- Don’t submit your proposal without editing

Be sure to review your submission. Typo errors, especially in numbers and figures or wordings that are difficult for us to understand, can significantly reduce your chances of attracting investors and partners. Although English is our official language in ARDOXSO, it would be great to send your proposal for joining the ARDOXSO for Startup Partnership Program in both English and German at the same time if you are fluent in German.

Although what percentage of stake do you offer and what do you expect in return for it is very important to us, it is not so much that you first tell us your offer and then tell us who you are and what your startup is. Now are you ready to apply for the ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program? Click here!

If you still don’t know What ARDOXSO offer to Startups and what asks in exchange, click here.

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