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ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program (ASPP) LogoARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program (ASPP) is your single change to change the game! It has been quite possible that a startup has qualified to receive a fund, but only because it failed to provide investors with a more attractive marketing plan and had a poor pitch, no one was willing to invest in it. These startups have come up with a good idea, with people who have worked hard on its technical aspect, and their final product could fill the gap in the market, but there was one and only one problem: Co-founders could not convince the investor!

This is where we can help startups as an expert team of professional marketers, investment advisers, business developers, and lawyers. But how can a startup afford the costs of such ceremonial issues that are absolutely necessary? There’s no doubt that you want such a team as a startup, but since startups do not start with big budgets, you have to get help from newly graduated students from management and business schools. The question is, can these beginners help you?

Everyone deserves a chance & if we find that your startup has a bright future, we will accompany you eagerly. You don’t have the budget for professional marketing strategists and business people? Don’t worry about it! Our Offer is to increase your startup success rate through our Startup partnership Program with us instead of partnering with a natural person co-founder who has newly graduated and worst of all, is a layman. What we bring to our collaboration is trusted knowledge, long history in the market, the possession of a robust network of investors, good command on law, and, most importantly, the take-up of marketing and branding processes from zero to one-hundred. Besides, we will be your first legal co-founder and background is the guarantee and authenticity of what each investor is looking for.

What we do offer to Startups and What we ask in exchange is simple. If you want to know more, click here!

Marketing is the missing piece of the success puzzle of many startups that have failed. No matter how much your product is specific, functional and marketable, no one will know about your product without marketing, let alone buy it. If you do not have a strong marketing, then you have a weak brand. What makes a brand weak? Low awareness and low loyalty.

In this video Adam will be talking about how ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program Works. (3 Minutes)

Don't Go Alone To This Battle!

Millions of Start-Ups opening each year. "A good product idea and a strong technical team are not a guarantee of a sustainable business." (Parisot- 2014)
90 %
42 %
56 %
of them can make it to the fifth year
75 %
of all those startups won't make it to the sixth year!
Sources: Statista Inc., Forbes,

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There is no halfway for us. We are all in; You go all-out!

Entrusting marketing to an expert team is costly. Few early-stage startups can afford the cost of market research and market analysis. Branding and brand positioning is a luxury that can be afforded only by companies that have achieved profitability. Even setting up a simple website is costly.

ARDOXSO, however, offers a simple solution: planning, launching, and directing your startup marketing with us, producing and developing the product with you. This is how you and we become partners. You are the founder, and we’ll be your marketing co-founder. Here we give you 21 reasons why you need us and not an individual marketing co-founder.

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