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ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program

It has been quite possible that a startup has qualified to receive a fund, but only because it failed to provide investors with a more attractive marketing plan and had a poor pitch, no one was willing to invest in it. These startups have come up with a good idea, with people who have worked hard on its technical aspect, and their final product could fill the gap in the market, but there was one and only one problem: Co-founders could not convince the investor!

This is Where Your Startup Needs ARDOXSO


This is where we can help startups as an expert team of professional marketers, investment advisers, business developers, and lawyers. But how can a startup afford the costs of such ceremonial issues that are absolutely necessary? There’s no doubt that you want such a team as a startup, but since startups do not start with big budgets, you have to get help from newly graduated students from management and business schools. The question is, can these beginners help you?



Everyone deserves a chance & if we find that your startup has a bright future, we will accompany you eagerly. You don’t have the budget for professional marketing strategists and business people? Don’t worry about it! Our proposal is to increase your startup success rate through our Startup partnership Program with us instead of partnering with a natural person co-founder who has newly graduated and worst of all, is a layman. What we bring to our collaboration is trusted knowledge, long history in the market, the possession of a robust network of investors, good command on law, and, most importantly, the take-up of marketing and branding processes from zero to one-hundred. Besides, we will be your first legal co-founder and background is the guarantee and authenticity of what each investor is looking for.

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Marketing is the missing piece of the success puzzle of many startups that have failed. No matter how much your product is specific, functional and marketable, no one will know about your product without marketing, let alone buy it. If you do not have a strong marketing, then you have a weak brand. What makes a brand weak? Low awareness and low loyalty.


They may fall in love with your product but they never would count on you. Don't you believe us? Watch this sad episode of Shark Tanks Australia. It tells you everything!

However, There is a Bigger Problem!


The big mistake of the startup owners is that they think a particular idea will ensure its success in the marketplace. The idea has the smallest contribution to the success of a startup. But how this idea is introduced to consumers plays the most significant role in your success or failure.

Who do you think suffers more losses if your startup fails? You or the investor? Let’s give you some good news first. You will incur the least losses. But now the bad news is for those who do not want to believe that the capital is even more critical than the startup, and for investors:

in the event of startup failure, your investor will suffer more than anyone else. Also if your startup fails, you’ll gain some things together: more experience, more proficiency, and access to a network of experts are only part of what you get, but what will be what the investor gains? Losing a certain amount of his capital? Or even jeopardizing his or her reputation? Or most importantly, missing the opportunity to invest in another startup that started working with you and today works as a successful company?

Investors take more risk than founders, but instead, get more easy money than they do. As a result, most investors are seeking to invest as much as they can and, instead, gain more profit. So it should not be strange if investors are more willing to invest in a specific, pre-defined market. In such a situation, you have to convince an investor to invest in your startup. But how?

Suppose you have a 75-minute appointment with an investor. During this time, you have to explain these four points in order.

First, they want to know what the problem is. Technicians always introduce the solution. (How much time do you have? 10 minutes. Who should answer? The Founder.)

Then they want to know how your product resolves the market problem but does not necessarily address the technical issues of the product. In fact, they want to know if there are similar products or no. If yes, what is the difference between the products in the minds of the customer and not in the in terms of technical issues? If not, what can your product do and how long will it have this capability? If you do not have a deep understanding of the market and the consumer, they will not pay much attention to your words. (How much time do you have? 15 minutes. Who should answer? 5 minutes, the founder or technical key person, then 10 minutes co-founder from the marketing department)

After that, they are looking to see how you justify your solution with insights and information from market research. (How many minutes do you have? 10 minutes. Who should answer? Co-founder of marketing)

Last but not least, now that you recognize the problem, now that you know how to solve the market problem, now that you can use the information obtained from the official investigation to defend the two previous answers, you will be asked the following questions:

  • How do you want to introduce your product to the market?
  • How do you attain your sales goals and market share? 
  • How do you increase your market share? 
  • How would you like to promote the product? 
  • Where is your business plan and marketing plan?
  • Who wrote them?

How much time do you have? (Mathematics says there will remain 40 minutes from the 75 minutes, but if the investor can trust the answers given in this section and sees them as reliable, he or she will grant you 75 more minutes. Who should answer? The marketing co-founder. S/he should be the one who can assure the investor about his or her knowledge and mastery what he says with his education and background. S/he should be the one who has a thorough understanding of what works or not in marketing.)

Do not be surprised if you find that the idea itself is not necessarily the focus of investors’ expertise and do not be discouraged if you see that they do not pay much attention to the specificity and originality of your idea.

The big mistake of the startup owners is that they think a particular idea will ensure its success in the marketplace. The idea has the smallest contribution to the success of a startup. But how this idea is introduced to consumers plays the most significant role in your success or failure.

Culture has a tremendous impact on the market. In the 1980s and 90s, everyone thought that their dogs would enjoy licking their dishes after they had finished eating, and nowadays, with the expansion of access to information, most dog owners refrain from giving any dairy products to their dogs. In that era, paying little attention to pets caused that idea not to succeed no matter how genuine and specific it was, and in the present era in which attention and extreme care for pets have not either made that idea a chance to succeed. How many dog owners do you know who buy dog ice cream for their dogs?

Some ideas are basically doomed to fail, but some, although very simple, guarantee their success.

These simple ideas follow the three essential product rules:

  1. Their expiry date is not over 
  2. They do not move much ahead of time 
  3. They are not a disaster and can really respond to real market problems

Now that the investment is undeniably linked to taking a risk, investors are more inclined to invest in products that have these three features, rather than on the specificity and novelty of the idea.


By joining ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program, you will be able to balance the powers. So not only investors would listen to you better, no shark going to eat you alive because only by joining ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program, you are going to have sharks in your side too!

ARDOXSO is a family business founded by three capable and well-experienced experts. Take a look to see who is going to join your team after you joined ARDOXSO Startup Partnership Program. By the way, that not all we got! Make sure to check out our Leadership  and other team members.


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