Guest Post Submission Guideline
Create, Pitch, and Promote Your Content
Startup Situation is going to continue its work independently with publishing daily content by the end of 2020. So our offer to you is this: let's grow with each other!

Although it looks that Guest Blogging is simple, publishing an article on most reputable websites is very difficult. Startup Situation can be a solution to this problem. With us, you can create, pitch, and promote your content. If you own a business, guest blogging is the most convenient and cheapest way for PR and branding.

Topics We Are Looking to Cover

Guest Post Submission Guideline
Make a point! Remind startup people on the importance of marketing.
Teach Startup people how they can build a memorable and outstanding brand.
Funding & Investment
Show startup cofounders how to get investors for their startup. Teach them grow!
Online Marketing
Write about must and must not, what they should do and more important: How they should do it!
Social Marketing
Remind startup people social network is the cheapest way to conduct a productive marketing campaign.
Leadership & Management
Teach startup people how to become true leaders and how to manage people and situations.
Get in touch with other experts, interview them and publish it as an article.
Book Review
Simply write about the latest book you wrote. Talk about it and tell us why we should read it too!
Success & Failure Stories
Tell us your stories or someone else's story. What caused the victory or even the failure.

How Guest Blogging Benefits You?

7 Reasons You Should Be Already Guest Blogging

1- Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

The power of guest blogging is fantastic. Traffic for any business using the Internet is like the bloodstream. With a blog post, you can easily increase the chance of sales through your website or social networking sites.

2- Increasing Social Networking Followers

Having the control of a community or not rules out the win or loss of a business. What if someone reads your content and after a while becomes a permanent reader and most importantly a fan of you? Only in this situation will someone follow you. The development of an online community makes it even more likely to increase the number of people paying for your products or services every day.

3- Help Spread The Network

People like to share things that are interesting to them. Thanks to the social networks, it’s easier to share content more easily than before. If one of your tweets is liked 100 times, it’s one thing, but if it’s shared 100 times, it’s something else!

4- Make Your Resume Brighter

Which one do you yourself want to work with? One who has just work experience or one who publishes his knowledge alongside his work experience? Writing what you have in your mind will simply increase your credit and your reputation will be better than others.

5- Free Feedback From Others

Get easy feedback. So simply! Just add one paragraph at the end of your post and ask others to write their comments. By doing so, not only can you learn about the views and knowledge of others, but also in some cases you can use market researches to define an appropriate strategy for the feedback.

6- Build A Strong Personal Brand

Who does Apple remind you of? Steve Jobs! Whom does Microsoft remind you? Bill Gates! And now, who does Samsung remind you of? Probably nobody has a definite comment!

People pay attention to a business behind which stands a reputed person faster.

7- Increasing The Chances Of Access The Intended Audience

Last but not least, if you want to start your own blog, you have a lot of chances to access the intended audience. With Guest’s blogging, you can create your profile on a blog that has a definite budget for continuous content creation and advertisement and can easily benefit from it without having to spend time or money on troublesome issues.


Let's Talk
Even More Benefits

Why you should start Post Blogging on ARDOXSO’s Blog? Every guest blogger can have his or her profile on our website and we will give you a dedicated URL ( so that others can find you easily.

At the end of each article, you can publish the website and address of your social networks, and finally, write a biography for up to two paragraphs so that readers will become more familiar with you.

You will have a contact form on your profile so that readers can contact you more easily.

In case you don’t know much about SEO, our Editorial Team will do the necessary SEO on your articles so that your articles attract readers.

If the number of readers of your articles reaches the desired level, we will begin to promote your selected articles through Google Ads.

What is our standard for approving Guest Posts?

  • Your article is placed in one of the intended categories.
  • Your article enjoys enough quality to be published and does not require any serious editing.
  • Each of your posts is at least 1500 to 2000 words. (Longer articles are published on two sessions)
  • Your post has not been published elsewhere.
  • If you have used other resources to write your article, they are referred to in the reference section and the link to them is given.
  • Your article is not promotional but it is educational.
  • If your guest post is interviews with an entrepreneur, startup cofounder, marketing specialist, and background check is done, and you are sure that no fake claim is published with the publication of that interview.
  • If your post is a review of the book, you have been extremely neutral and impartial in your review.

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