Skilled technical team is not a guarantee for startups to win the market!
If you are not here to win the market, then Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

ARDOXSO for Startup Partnership Program

Who says better is Enough? 




It is a million-dollar question! What do you think? Can a capable and professional marketing cofounder help your startup to win the game, or asking for help from a marketing cofounder is just a stupid idea? 

Well, as long as you do not want to win the market, you don’t want to build a brand, you don’t want to make and develop a product, and you do not want your products to be introduced to consumers, you do not need a marketing co-founder. But wait! If you are not here to win the market, then Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

We were very curious to know how other people think, so we went on Quora to see what their answer was. Here are some answers by your fellow startup founders or startup co-founder:

Nemo Chu says, “I’m convinced that “better” is not enough. One way a marketing cofounder help startups is by reminding the team that it’s not just about being better, but also being different.” It seems Nemo already knows that your marketing co-founder can show you the way. Experienced marketing cofounder can draw you a path, highlight the opportunities, and tell you about the risks.

Rakesh Agrawal says, “It is critical for startups to understand marketing. Thus, one of your startup cofounders should take over marketing and be your marketing cofounder.” 

Raja Jasti believes, “you are going to need a marketing cofounder as much as you need Technology to start a high tech startup.” He also argues that “marketing is not just about promotion, and a wise marketing cofounder can tell you what product you should develop.” Actually, Raja is right! Imagin you make and develop a product, and the market doesn’t need that. That’s a classical bummer!

A well-developed product or a skilled technical team is not a guarantee for startups to win the market. 90% of all products of startups fail! (Parisot, 2014)

Greg Ness, a Silicon Valley based entrepreneur, says, “those startups who don’t have marketing co-founders yet, can also hire the wrong marketing experts.”

However, Nancy Fulton thinks, “YOU DO NOT NEED MARKETING CO-FOUNDER IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO MARKET!” She also says if you could get someone brilliant to do marketing for you for free or come up with investors would be excellent. Besides, someone has to ensure your product finds its market and sells well”. Now that Nancy brought it up, you might want to check on Toomaj F. Bungs, our Chief-Marketing-Officer, and one of our founding partners. If ARDOXSO becomes your marketing co-founder, our CMO will be the one who leads your startup’s marketing strategy.

By the way, did you know investors don’t like to invest in those startups who run solo, and they trust startups with multiple founders? Did you know investors always want to know about your marketing plan? Did you know your marketing co-founder background is critical for investors?

Partnership Program

In ARDOXSO for Startup Partnership Program, we will become your partner and your marketing co-founder instead of those natural person co-founders who have newly graduated and, worst of all, is a layman. We are the bridge between Startups and investors.

One of those extremely expensive brilliant marketing strategists that Nancy mentioned before could be your marketing cofounder. Click here and apply for the ARDOXSO for Startup Partnership Program before it’s late. As much as we like to welcome all the requests for our Startup Partnership Program, such a thing is not achievable in practice. Hence, we only help a few talented startups.

Meet ARDOXSO’s Chief-Marketing-Officer:

Toomaj F. Bungs is a founding partner, the Chairman, and the CMO of ARDOXSO GmbH. He is a veteran marketing strategist and scholar who has been praised by other famous experts and academics.

Arnie McKinnis, the Former Global Service Marketing Manager of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, recommends Tom for his knowledge of business strategy and marketing, his insight, and professionalism.

Al Ries, one of the most influential people in Marketing in the 20th century, says Tom is one of the few marketing people he knows who has a complete understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in marketing. He also recommends Tom’s perspective on Branding.

Jack Trout, celebrated marketing strategist and best seller author said that Tom’s observations are very accurate, and Dr. Solomon Passy, the Former Bulgarian Foreign Minister says: The value of Tom’s literature works is a visible added value for University or high-level business audience.

Don’t you want someone like Toomaj be your Marketing Co-Founder and leads your marketing? If yes, then apply to our Startup Partnership Program and if not simply forget it, Only If You Know A Better Marketing Strategist!


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