How to start a successful business – 17 steps

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How to start a successful business

How to start a successful business

Are you tired of the daily hustle and looking to create a new business? If you are eager to know how to start a successful business this piece is for you.

We will have a quick review of 17 steps anyone can take to launch a successful business.


1- Believe in Yourself

What makes successful people successful? Do you consider it to be higher education, wealth, or a secret methodology?

Reading a few biographies on accomplished businessmen and women might change the way you perceive the path to success. The fact is that there are no secret ingredients. Hard work and discipline might be the single common denominator among prosperous individuals.

Discipline is the practice of doing the right thing at the right time, however difficult it would be. Being able to delay small pleasures and work hard for grand future success takes discipline.

The point though is that anyone could do it. You are in control of your actions and you can do what you desire.

No exterior barrier has the power to keep you from what you really want to do. If you see the aspiration for success in yourself, believe in yourself and be sure that you can do it.


2- Know Yourself

What gives you pleasure in your work? What type of work is best suited for your personality?

If I had to reply with a single sentence to the question of how to start a successful business, I would go with ‘get to know yourself first’ as the answer.

Knowing yourself might be the most important thing you can do to ensure your success. It is worth every second of the time you spend on it because it can save you from wasting years on something unfit.

The next step would be finding what you love. I have seen a lot of people doing the same mistake over and over again. Instead of what they love, they go after what they think would make them rich or what their parents or society dictates.

Doing what you love is going to facilitate your success like no other factor and ignoring this can increase the chance of failure and dissatisfaction.

Identifying your strength is the rational third step to guarantee the validity of the path you are planning to embark upon.


3- Understand Your Business

In short, a successful business is consisted of finding the needs of a group and addressing that need. Know your customers and focus on what people want. No one would pay you to solve a nonexistent problem. Place users at the center of your design workflow and never stray.

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There is a great chance that you are not alone in your chosen line of work. Research your competition thoroughly and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Keep an eye on different aspects of their operations like prices, products/services, marketing approaches, etc.

Examine their product or services if possible and watch other people’s interactions as well.


4- Write A Business Model

Any idea sounds great at first. Your idea might be cool or innovative but in the end, we are looking forward to making money.  Evaluate your goals and take your means and the realities of the market into account.

You need a viable business model for your idea to work. Reading up on Business Model Canvas is a good place to start. It is a great framework to plan your business.


5- Plan for Scalability

If you want to know how to start a successful business you should look beyond the initial steps. Part of shooting for success is planning for it. Is your website able to handle the number of hits you are hoping you get? Can you keep up with orders?

Planning for scalability should be a part of your initial planning. Your business model should be laid out flexible enough to adapt quickly with the rise of demand.


6- Ask for Experts’ Help

You are not an expert in everything. Do not be ashamed to ask for help.

Marketing is not something you would do at the final stages of hitting the market.

Lawyers are not there to help you if a problem should arise. Be proactive and consult a lawyer about probable predicaments in your operations.

There is a great chance that your team lacks the complete 411 on the business arena. Consult professionals in business aspects as well as the technical viability of your business.


7- Differentiate Yourself

Personal branding is a great way of differentiating yourself from the hype. What I suggest though, is a bit more fundamental than keeping up the appearances.

Blue Ocean strategy is a great framework for identifying and utilizing the opportunities in the market. By omitting unimportant aspects and adding new features you can truly differentiate your business from the competition.


8- Invest in Learning

Becoming an expert in the specialty of your choice heightens the likelihood of your success. To achieve this you must invest in learning; be it the business aspects, or the technical ones.

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You can attend university or sign up for independent classes.

There are hidden treasures of knowledge hidden on the internet. Online courses are a great place to start learning what you desire at your own pace. You can also use libraries to access written knowledge.


9- Start

After putting enough time on the planning stage you must start eventually. No one can predict the future and take everything into account. You should be also learning while you go.

Do not wait for stars to align. If you think the time is not right at the moment, think again. It is unlikely that you get less busy in the future.

Instead, try to change the situation for the better. Make the time by waking up early and cutting back on hobbies.


10- Schedule Your Time

Do you want to know how to start a successful business? Stop wasting time. You cannot afford to be lazy. Rise early in the morning and fight procrastination as your life depends on it.

Every minute counts. Schedule your day before starting it. Be realistic about this though.

Find the time no matter how little that would be to work on your dream. Try to increase that time 15 minutes each day until you reach your desired goal.

Apply project management principles to your workflow. You must set goals and analyze your performance. Make a simple spreadsheet (or even a chart on a piece of paper) to keep track of your actions and time spent. Write down your activities and the time you put for them religiously. Examine your performance at the end of each day to identify problems and try to avoid them the next day.


11- Be Serious About It

Do not work from your bed and in your PJs. Set specific times and a place to work on your project. Turn your phone off and minimize distractions.

Do not stop working when it gets difficult. Push through and continue until you meet your time goal. Be your own supervisor and hold yourself accountable.


12- Save Money

You will be needing some seed money to start your business. This requires some change in your lifestyle.

Limit the times you go out with friends to save money but do not stop it altogether. You need fun to stay productive.

Stop drinking to stay sharp as well as saving money.

Try making your own meals to save money. Cooking is soothing and you will be getting a therapeutic experience whilst saving money.

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Ask yourself the question “how can I spend less” before rushing into spending. Do not bankrupt yourself on the first days with renting a place and buying expensive equipment for your project. Make do of what you have. Work from the library, rent a desk in an office, and borrow the equipment for testing.


13- Meet People with Similar Goals

You should be meeting individuals with same goals as yours to motivate yourself and build your network as well.

Meet successful people to learn from them and to get supercharged.

There is a great chance that you can find gatherings and meetings in your city. If there is none, start one maybe?

Do not scream at the top of your lungs the entirety of your plan though. It would not help but only discourage you. Your brain would confuse people’s excitement for your actual accomplishments and might also make change harder.


14- Find A Team Mate

Great feats are only possible by utilizing teamwork. You are but one person and there is so much an individual can achieve. Find people who can help you achieve your dream but do not rush into it.

There is a difference between working for yourself and starting a business. Businesses need workflows and systems. Plan this in the first stages of your business plan.


16- Find Investors

Establishing your business likely requires funds larger than your means. Investors can resolve this problem.

It is important to keep in mind though that you should have done your homework before engaging with possible investors. You should produce a sound business model, financial forecasts, and maybe a prototype to impress your audience. Work on your presentation skills and prepare a pitch before the meeting.


17- Be Patient

We have asked ourselves multiple times the question of how to start a successful business and have jumped to wrong conclusions every time.

Unnecessary haste, this unhealthy habit, has delayed our success and has wasted a great deal of time and effort.

Take your time with these steps and give yourself time to adapt to your new life.

To know how to start a successful business does not translate into having one. It takes time to achieve your desired workflow.

Problems will arise and things will get difficult. You have got to resist the urge to quit. Success awaits you at the end of the road

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