Importance of Link Building in SEO: Power of Search Engines in your Hands

Importance of Link Building in SEO: Power of Search Engines in your Hands

The importance of link building in SEO is dramatically growing in recent years. Link building, which is also known as “backlinks” is building the one-way hyperlinks to a website to improve the visibility of the website by search engines. To drive referral traffic and increase the site’s authority, business owners and marketers usually do the link building.

The process of Link building is related to attaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own. With the help of links, users can easily navigate between pages on the internet. To crawl the web pages, search engines use links. There are a lot of different techniques and strategies for link building, such as content marketing, building useful tools, email outreach, broken link building, and public relations. The difficulty of these techniques are different from each other, but experts in SEO agree that link building is one of the most challenging parts of their job. Because of the importance of link building in SEO, Many of the experts spend most of their time on link building with high quality. Therefore, if you can create links with high quality, you can significantly increase the visibility of your website.

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What are the reasons for the importance of link building in SEO?


Link building is an effective part of SEO strategies. For Google and other search engines, link building is one of the ranking signals for determining the validity of a website.

You can also calculate the link metrics. There are different web services and tools that can determine the quality of a website and the link from that especial page.

In general, Google’s algorithms are very complex, and they are continually changing. However, to figure out how a search engine understands which sites rank for which keywords these links are an important factor. With link building, you can give a signal to Google that your site is a valuable resource and is worthy of citation. Generally, websites with more links will achieve higher search rankings.

Besides, you should know that the value and the importance of link building in SEO are not equal for all kinds of links. Incoming links from authoritative websites are always valuable in Google and other search engines.

Moreover, building unlimited links is not an effective link building strategy. To do it effectively, you should get genuine links from reliable websites.

For example, the value of a link from authoritative websites such as the Washington Post is considerably more than a link from a small or newly-built website. Trustworthy sites have more impact on the ranking of your website, and you will achieve more visits and more SEO scores. So focus more on earning links from authoritative websites. There are also some tools such as the SEMRush that can quickly pull data for you to find reliable sites.

Also, the number of links you have built on your website or blog can determine the popularity of the site or blog. Because of the importance of link building in SEO, it is advisable that after starting a website or a blog, at first spend the starting few weeks on link building. In this way, search engines will give you a better rank.

To understand the power and the importance of link building in SEO with more details, let’s check the following points about it.

Increase in website traffic


As we said in the introduction, one of the important benefits of link building in SEO is the increase in website traffic and visibility of your website. If you like to attract more relevant visitors from authoritative industry sites, link building is one of the best solutions for you. With an effective link building strategy, you can target relevant audiences and industries so that you can improve and increase traffic from external sources.

Be better than your competitors in search rankings


Almost all SEO executives agree that building backlinks are the only way to increase search rankings. For example, if your competitors have been ranked above you in search for your industry keywords, they certainly have a higher percentage of backlinks.

Attain higher website metrics and SEO scores


In digital marketing and for SEO scores, there are some terms like Alexa Rank, Domain Authority (DA), Page Rank (PR), and Domain Rating (DR), and so on. The importance of link building in SEO is here that you can improve these website metrics. Higher metrics will prove that your website is optimized for Search Engines. Also, this helps with increasing visibility and exposure.

Achieve better credibility and reputation by effective link building


In addition to the search engines, link building will help in increasing credibility in front of users. Users will consider your website and your brand as an authoritative website if they find your backlink on other reliable websites.

Moreover, when a website links to your content, it means that it trusts you enough, and it will lead to more SEO score for you. Today, before making a connection with a business, consumers look for trust signals. You can attain these signals from citations, testimonials, and authoritative content.

Have more sales and revenue generation opportunities by link building


Another reason for the importance of link building in SEO is achieving more sales and revenue generation opportunities. As we said, with link building in SEO, you will have higher website traffic and better metrics. These will help you to open up newer opportunities for revenue generation and increasing your sale. It may also help you to generate newer ways of revenues in addition to selling more of your brand’s products and services.

Improvement in the relationships and networking in your niche


According to Google’s recommendation, it is wise to focus on building backlinks in your industry niche. Relevancy is the new Page Rank in Google page ranking. This means that you will be connected to different reliable players and authoritative websites in your niche.

Continuous and persistent referral traffic with link building


By link building with an authoritative website, you will attain traffic from the same link for a long time. This is more beneficial than traditional advertisements. For example, your ad on a billboard is not permanent, and visitors will stop seeing it when you remove it. However, by building high-quality links, in addition to better SEO score, you can ensure that your website sees traffic from external publishers permanently and for a long time.

Introducing a useful tool for link building


In the article, we talked about the SEMRush briefly. There are plenty of different tools for link building. Another useful tool in this area which is beneficial for improving your SEO is Majestic. To measure the number of backlinks and referring domains that a domain has, you can use this tool. Furthermore, another essential benefit of this tool is that you can check whether a domain has the authority or not. In this way, you can do the link building more effectively and enhance the SEO of your website.

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