Top leadership skills for Entrepreneurs

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leadership skills for entrepreneurs

leadership skills for entrepreneurs

Hiding behind my screen and writing about leadership skills is not a challenging thing. Nearly anyone can do it. The main challenge is when you get in the field. You face a hell amount of tasks to do. Tasks which each of them stand like a path never taken before by anyone else in the world. Of course, it’s not easy. Becoming an entrepreneur is not a route everyone can take. To be honest, the primary knowledge will pop-out of the challenges themselves. These experience would become the most valuable thing you would gain. But before getting in, this might be mindful if we know more about leadership skills for entrepreneurs by those entrepreneurs who took this path before; Succeed or Failed.

Top leadership skills for Entrepreneurs


Time is always against us. 


Most of us know Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank series. Kevin is the inventor of the infomercial, pioneer of the “As Seen on TV” industry, and original Shark on “Shark Tank”. His mindset on time and how we manage time seems a bit stressful, but of course, it’s an actual reality for entrepreneurs. Harrington believes that we must monetize each minute of every day. Weeks, days, and hours are precious, and it’s essential to manage time more than anything else.

Delegating tasks, prioritizing works, scheduling tasks, setting up deadlines, and avoiding multi-tasking are the primary skills any entrepreneur must know. A startup founder must learn to wake and start early, know when to take breaks, and most of all, learn to say No!

Ask yourself: What would be a reasonable wage for the tasks I perform? If someone else can efficiently accomplish these tasks for less money, let them do it so you can focus on a higher level, revenue-generating jobs. As a business owner, you should only do the tasks that only you can do.

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as it’s said in Matrix movies, “Time is always against us.”, So let’s take all we can from it.

Get clear on what gives your life value and what your time is worth. ‌”Kevin Harrington”


If you’re the smartest person in the room you’re in the wrong room


Creating an environment where you’re the only person who decides and is in the center of all decisions is a big mistake any leader can make. Don’t create a paradigm where you’re the single motor driving the ship. Try to fuel your business with leadership, people, and systems. NOT JUST YOU.

Lawrence Bossidy has a famous quote in the business field, which says:

Nothing we do is more important than hiring people, at the end of the day you bet on people, not strategies.

There will always be people who are smarter than you. If you’re lucky enough to gain these people, hire them. Focus on the things that you’re best at, and give them the freedom to do the same. When you do so, you gain real power; your team will have your back, unleash discretionary effort, and do fantastic work. Then you need to get out of your teams way.

Maybe the one only thing a great leader must do is being able to create an environment where not only herself but also everyone on the team can accomplish anything and everything they’ve ever wanted.

The leader not only invests significantly in learning and updating their knowledge, but they also create a learning atmosphere in the organization, encouraging others to develop their knowledge, broaden their experience, and tackle multiple challenges. They encourage employees to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.

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As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning.


Entrepreneurs seem to have many same characteristics, such as enormous aims, intelligence, endurance, enthusiasm, and belief. They have deep confidence in themselves that they can achieve great things, and they work hard to make that happen. However, no one is born entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a mindset. You are not born an entrepreneur; you develop the mindset over time.

As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning. “Daymond John”

It’s widespread that when an entrepreneur reaches a point where he feels the full self-confidence naturally stops learning, reading, and accepting new challenges to learn more. There is a kind of bubble shapes around them, which doesn’t let them jump anymore. An entrepreneur needs all the time a “Beginner Mindset” to feel the emerge of learning every single moment.

Looking at any top leader’s behavior, and you will see they will be pretty open about any lack of knowledge they have. Pretending to know something when you don’t will drive you into a far more complicated and stressful situation, as you try to cope with a process you haven’t mastered.

Becoming a robust entrepreneurial leader is not waiting for seeking advice from other successful people. This is a crucial skill between all leadership skills for entrepreneurs. You could work with a business coach, find a mentor, or read articles, books, and blog posts. By following the advice, inspiration, mistakes, and success stories from those who have been and done are one of the most practical ways in sharpening your leadership skills.

By keeping your mind open to new ideas and embracing novelty you make opportunities. “Michael Alden”


The sooner you master your mind, The sooner your master yourself


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I’ll keep this the last because maybe among all leadership skills for entrepreneurs it’s the most difficult one to achieve. Work-life balance is something many entrepreneurs struggle with. There will be many moments which you would think why you’ve taken this path? Sometimes you’ll envy a simple employee getting paid each month, have time for the family, and doesn’t have any stresses in his life. It’s better to have the right answer in such moments when doubts come to your mind.

When you’re passionate about what you do, and when you focus on happiness (both your own and that of your employees’), work isn’t just something you do to fund your “real life.” It becomes infinitely more enjoyable and meaningful, and significantly reduces your chances of experiencing burnout.

Com Mirza, “The $500 Million Man” and CEO of Mirza Holdings; failed in eight companies back to back and today, runs a nine-figure empire with over 600 employees. He believes:

Becoming the calm operator—who takes decisive action while others get emotional at the push of a button—gives you the unfair advantage.

But this Unfair advantage is not such an easy thing to achieve. The mindset “To believe it and Achieve it” requires an upgraded mindset. Self-belief is not arrogance or boastfulness. It is the knowledge that you have within you the resources and resilience to overcome barriers and to keep the momentum going until you have completed the task or project.

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