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top high tech labs in Europe

High tech labs are welcoming, collaborative space. Companies and organizations team up their employees from different sections with outside partners, tech experts, designers, and academics seeking to take advantage of technological advancements. Top high tech labs in Europe have shifted beyond the traditional and insular R&D role of the past.

There are many different types of high tech labs. Self-governing companies or venture capital funds who want to ensure their investments are spent effectively may run them. Still, they might equally be run by larger corporates who wish to bring startups into their fold, either to share in their entrepreneurial culture or to have the first option on the outcomes.

High tech labs often work on some of the world’s biggest problems and impact enterprise IT infrastructure. They incubate new concepts at these labs and apply the latest technologies to deliver breakthrough solutions for business and society today. Check out these top high tech labs in Europe for technology innovation.

Top High Tech Labs in Europe

Station F (France)

It is a one-of-a-kind startup campus with a central hub building that dedicates services to the French tech ecosystem. Station F is open to early-stage startups with big ambitions. The startup, which joins this unique community of hand-picked entrepreneurs, needs to stay a minimum of 3 months. This program does not provide investment for equity, and startups have to pay for their full-time desks. Partners of Station F, such as Facebook, Zendesk, Vente-Privée, HEC, and Microsoft, manage a building part.

Station F includes 51000 square meters of offices & labs, 600 rooms, 100 apartments for 600 entrepreneurs, mentorship offices, over 100 venture capital funds, and ON-SITE MAKERSPACE.

Station F offers two main programs for startups:

  • The Founders Program
    The Founders Program is open to early-stage startups with high aspirations. You will get a full-time desk in this unique campus and join the community of specially selected entrepreneurs.
  • The Fighters Program
    The Fighters Program is a free entree to the Founders Program for impressive entrepreneurs who just failed at the start line. Those who need it the most (immigrants with problems to integrate, people from underprivileged backgrounds, refugees, etc.) get help to develop their startups and gain extra visibility to inspire future generations.
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High Tech XL (Netherlands)

High Tech XL is Europe’s prime hub for high-tech startups founded by Guus Frericks, Patrick Gabriels. This venture-building accelerator supports hardware startup founders from idea to prototype to scale-up by connecting them to an elite community of investors, entrepreneurs, tech talents from CERN, TNO, Philips, and other global innovators.

The mission is to build high-performance teams so they can become fast-growing, deep-tech ventures. HighTechXL believes a diverse group is crucial for any startup’s success, and welcoming culture, age, and gender diversity is evident on every level at HighTechXL. The male-female ratio is 3 to 2. The team is made up of over ten nationalities, and 55% non-Dutch. They have formed a Dream Team of diverse individuals that make everything happen together.

High Tech XL Plaza (Netherlands)

High Tech Campus Eindhoven pull together startups, scale-ups, and supporting companies in one startup hub. The campus includes More than 10,000 square meters of offices & labs, an all-inclusive resort, shared facilities, events space with events based on startups’ demands, and extensive business networks. Is it Station F? No, but a multi-building hub with extended support might be an important factor for promising startups to decide between Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

High Tech Campus has three buildings named Start, Support, and Scale. The three buildings are next to each other.

The Start Building

The Start building is for companies in the earliest stage. It is all about simple access to the ecosystem. This building was formerly known as HighTechXL Plaza, where the startup hub’s start and contains office spaces, meeting rooms, and shared event space.

The Support Building

The Support building is where companies that support startups stay in touch. It is a roof to companies, including accelerator program HighTechXL, patent experts, venture capital funders, and other investors. High Tech Plaza also hosts small-scale events, and tech enablers and startups can work there flexibly.

The Scale Building

The Scale building provides a place for startups to grow. Larger offices and lab spaces are accessible there. This building also roofs the labs and cleanrooms of Campus residents. You are part of the technological heart of the campus in the Scale building.

top high tech labs in Europe
top high tech labs in Europe

Maria 01 (Finland)

Maria 01 is a non-profit organization made of an entrepreneurial group, a particular campus for tech teams, and a technology builders center. It lets tech startups work side-by-side with venture capitalists, established companies, and extended ecosystems to help each other succeed. The hub is at a former 130-year-old hospital campus in central Helsinki, Finland. Notably, the campus is on a mission to provide the most thriving environment for young tech companies. The entire campus offers a place of work for over 5000 professionals to help each other succeed.

Startup Lab (Norway)

Alexander Woxen co-founded the Startup Lab in 2012. This accelerator/incubator offers a 3-month program and investment of up to 3 million Norwegian kroner (around €330,000) for 6% to 8% equity. Since its initiation, the accelerator has supported over 300 tech startups and works with over 82 active members in Oslo and Bergen. The focus is primarily on tech and research-related projects, and they provide funding to the most committed and passionate tech entrepreneurs. Scientists continuously share their network, knowledge, and experience with the group. The run rate is approximately 20 investment every year.

Kickstart (Switzerland)

Kickstart gives 100 entrepreneurs training from Switzerland’s science and engineering sectors. The program welcomes Swiss and international startups developing and applying deep technologies around EdTech, FinTech, Food & Retail Tech, Smart City & Technology, Cybersecurity, and HealthTech. Additionally, Kickstart covers up to 10,000 Swiss Franc of business development expenses during the program. Participating startups will receive support through experienced advisors from the Swiss innovation ecosystem, get access to investors, and participate in workshops. Moreover, they take no equity and no fees from the startups.

AtomLeap (Germany)

It is a high-tech startup accelerator and business intelligence provider. This accelerator offers extremely personalized reports of technology and startup trends to help their clients understand and evaluate potential partners and competitors. They also promote scientifically grounded product ideas and provide their creators with everything they need to make people’s lives more sustainable and healthier. AtomLeap uniquely fosters collaboration between corporations and startups to bring out shared interests.

Hubraum (Germany)

This incubator offers tech entrepreneurs and startups mentorship, investment, and unique access to Deutsche Telekom’s networks, clients, technology, and free co-working space. For this, Hubraum offers investments and runs programs in focus fields as AI, Smart Home, IoT, and Big Data. Hubraum has built a collection of more than 20 investments and manages an ecosystem of around 200 startups since 2012. 

By bringing early-stage startups and the leading European telco together, hubraum sparks innovation transfer and creates business opportunities for both sides. Hubraum has collaborated with the digital ecosystem out of its campuses in Berlin, Krakow, and Tel Aviv. They provide you with a free co-working space to build and develop your company. 


XPRENEURS is an incubator for high-tech startups. In a full-time 3-month program, they support ambitious, early-stage teams on their way to market entry by verifying their business model, winning their first customers, and achieving their first investment. Towards the end of the XPRENEURS program, you will be able to enter the market. The XPRENEURS program charges no fee and takes no equity.

At XPRENEURS, you will benefit from:

  • Immediate access to decision-makers in some of the largest German Fortune 500 companies.
  • Mentorship by a group of Germany’s and Europe’s most successful technology entrepreneurs.
  • Entree to Europe’s largest publicly accessible high-tech workshop, MakerSpace.
  • Prototyping rewards of up to 5,000 EUR per team.

CERN (Europe)

Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) is a top high tech lab in Europe, primarily focused on particle physics. They investigate the smallest observable particles in the universe and their fundamental interactions. CERN operates the biggest particle accelerator globally. It is also the World Wide Web’s birthplace, which started with a project named ENQUIRE sometime in 1990. They help uncover what the universe is made of and how it works by providing a unique range of particle accelerator facilities to advance human knowledge boundaries.

The Laboratory has become a principal example of international collaboration founded in 1954. The mission is to:

  • Present a unique range of particle accelerator facilities to enable research at the forefront of human knowledge.
  • Perform top research in fundamental physics.
  • Embrace people from all over the world to push the boundaries of science and technology for all.
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